This game is the result of the 2nd Klagenfurt Game Jam 2015 (#klujam). It's a 1 Keyboard Multiplayer Game that features energetic bugs, racing each other on a single screen. The Bugs are named and modelled after Austrian skiing athletes - Andi Goldi, Marcel Hirschi, Raini Schöni, Mario Scheibi & Marlies Schildi. They are controlled by up to 5 players with a single key for each. These keys are randomly changing all the time so the players have to be quick to find their currently assigned one on the keyboard - Don't bug your opponents! Pressing the right keys gives the bugs an energy boost, failing to do so results in the bug falling behind and eventually below the screen, which means the game is lost for that player. The last bug on the screen wins.


  • ENTER/SPACEBAR advances between title & menu screens.
  • Clicking on 'Info' or pressing 'I' on the Title Screen opens this an information page.
  • Use 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ' to control your bug.
  • Before the race starts (after go) all players MUST at least once have pressed their corresponding keys. In this phase the keys change after a certain interval - so be quick to find your button!

On the Game Over Screen you can navigate with the arrow keys (LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN). You can add your name to the high score (note: currently local browser storage only!) by typing in several characters (at least 3), selecting the green check mark with the LEFT/RIGHT arrow button and press ENTER/SPACEBAR to confirm. An entry will be cancelled by selecting the X mark respectively. After you have made your choice you can choose to display the current high score in a new tab by selecting 'Show Highscore' using the UP/DOWN arrows or select a 'New Game' once again pressing ENTER/SPACEBAR.


The game was initially developed by (alphabetic order):

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