You are a team of artists who lost their utensils. You are snowed in, so you can't buy new equipment, but you have to complete an important assignment. You decide to do this together using your bodies as pencils. Sitting in front of the trusty webcams, you take turns to draw a beautiful piece of art for your customers - if they can guess what it is, then you did a great job and are rewarded top dollar.

Body Pencil De'Luxe was developed at the 4th Klagenfurt Game Jam. Technologies behind it include plain Javascript, HTML and CSS for implementing the client and a NodeJS server. Posenet was used to let the bodies paint and the web speech API helped with the voice commands. Finally, WebRTC made video, audio, and data transmission possible. 

How to Play?

For playing the game you need exactly three people, each with web cams. Just open the URL of the game in the browser and find each other in the lobby. After starting one player gives a term to paint, the other two start painting with a random body part, e.g. nose, knee, hip or shoulder. The one player announcing the term can judge on the quality of the painting and the winner gets a point. Revenge is just around the corner as each turn a new player can announce their favorite term. 


  • Andi Leibetseder - Javascript Wiz Kid & Motivation Pro
  • Bernd Münzer - Master of the APIs & Coding Style Expert
  • Mathias Lux - Marginal Contributions Apprentice

StatusIn development
Release date Dec 20, 2020
Authorsamplejoe, dermotte, bermuenz
Code licenseUnlicense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsVoice control
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer
LinksHomepage, Source code

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